Letter of the Chairman

TOPKON Congress and Organization Services, has been in operation since 1997. It provides all its services with perfection since its foundation. It meets all organizational needs with its team, composed of experts in their field, and gives a new direction to the organization concept.

As TOPKON Congress and Organization Services, we continue our activities since 1997 with a professional perspective and reach new heights as we introduce innovations, in our technical infrastructure, to the world of meetings and organizations.

The aim of TOPKON Congress and Organization Services is, first of all, to establish a transparent cooperation with the host of the event, to be honest, to do the job in time and right, to develop the organization in accordance with the expectations and to manage the cooperation in a way that will satisfy the participants and the host of the event.

Both its references from the past and the contracts it has signed for future meetings and organizations demonstrates the experience and continuity of our agency. Having the objective of serving you with its professional and experienced staff, an understanding and genial attitude, TOPKON sees big pride in supporting your meetings and always being there for you.

Yours sincerely,

Kemal Kural
TOPKON Congress and Organization Services
General Manager